Road Cycling is, in fact, about the finest, most transformative, most powerful sport known to man. And for many, that is enough. That is as complicated and/or nuanced as the whole thing needs to be. But for us, for Manual for Speed, it’s clear that Cycling is bigger and more profound and frankly, more interesting than a simple superficial single interpretation of SPEED. We maintain that Professional Cycling is the Greatest Spectacle on Earth. From Human Athletes and Chillering to Naps Naps Naps and the Mobile Performance-based Circus that is a high-speed, semi-volatile parade of athletes, fans, cops, staff, supporters, judges, team cars, neutral support, media, feed stations, KOMs, Sprints, et cetera, this website (and project) is dedicated to the whole Fuck Show.



IIUnfair Advantage

Castelli is dedicated to innovation and the pursuit of performance. Decades of meeting the demands of professional cyclists and teams has resulted in extensive fabric and materials R&D, progressive design, and influence and pedigree within the pro peloton. More importantly, without their support we probably-possibly would never existed. Castelli made and continues to make Manual For Speed a reality.



Emiliano Granado
Owner/Operator, Photographer and Photo Editor
Daniel Wakefield Pasley
Owner/Operator, Photographer, Writer and Publisher
Kyle Von Hoetzendorff
Writer, Editor
Kevin Edward Brown
*Developer Note: Hi Kevin.*


Pete Morris
Staff Health and Wellness Guru, Body By Pete
Klaus Bellon
Staff Historian, Interviewer, Consultant, Captioner
Thomas Slater
Staff Artists
Raoul Sturme
Staff European Producer & Logistics, and Hype Man
Ian Marshall
Staff Driver, Producer, Client, Hypeman
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MAY 15–22


V2016 Prospectus

What follows is a non-hierarchical list of MFS Goals, Projects and Campaigns.


Race Reporting


From the Spring Classics and the Tour of California to the Tour De France, kinda. And Cross Vegas if you count that. You love Road Racing. You want to go to all of these, you want to be there, you want to feel the breeze on your face as the world’s top cyclist whip by, you want to see their cleanly washed bikes in the pits, the motorcycles and their camera men, the butts and mutts lining the course, and the drunk fans a-pissing and a-passingout. But you can’t make it cuz life. Lucky for you MFS Race Reports are the next best thing, maybe better. Who knows, it’s not important.


Special Reports


Colombia: It’s a well known fact the to win at the highest level of road cycling you need to be good at climbing. And to be good at climbing you need to have mountains to practice on. Well Colombia has mountains, it has people, it has bikes. MFS went to Colombia to find out exactly how they all fit together


USA Development: Contrary to popular belief racers don’t just drop into the Pro Peloton from the sky. In fact they spend years in development programs carefully honing legs for the big show. But why is development cloaked in secrecy? Does it even want to be? All these questions and more will be answered as MFS take a look USA Development.


Road to Rad: As beautiful, exciting, and a mesmerizing as road racing is, couldn’t it be better? Manual for Speed believes that there is room for improvement and we have dared to not only ask this question but to seek out the answers as well. But we’re not going to do this alone, and we’ve put together a panel of experts to help, we’re talking about a pantheon of Cycling Gods, a select assortment of talented and intelligent terrestrial racers and support staff, and most importantly you, the road racing fan! Throughout the coming spring we’ll be compiling data, releasing periodic reports and updates over our findings. Once complete we’ll be organizing our data into one of these spiral bound, clear cover deals, maybe even more than a few of them, and we’re going to ship our report directly to the UCI’s front door because we believe in Road Racing and WE BELIEVE IT CAN DO BETTER!


MFS Series


Fan Club: Want to know what goes on in the minds of your fav racer? What they eat for breakfast? How much they cared about the beef between Meek Mills and Drake? MFS asks the tough questions and we get the real answers from the best and brightest in the business!


At the Races: It may not be politically correct to defer to generalities, but if you go to enough races there memes that are hard to miss, and as keen observers Manual for Speed can’t help but notice the tropes of characters that happen across our path over and over again. This year we face this reality head on by taking a deep dive into the who, what, where, why and how that makes up road racing’s rich biodiversity in a series we’re calling At The Races.


YO! MFS Cribz: Manual for Speed has been granted exclusive and unprecedented access to the luxury lairs of professional cyclists, and we invite you to come along with us as we take you inside their homes to learn about the interior lives and interior designs of some of the most charismatic racers in the game.


Emporium, Commemorative Merchandise


Patron Saints: How is to say that whether there is or is not a higher power, a mystical force, influencing us when we ride? Manual for Speed, that’s who. And we’ve created the definitive hagiography of cycling’s most powerful saints.


Kasual Klub: Yeah you ride, but what do you do when you’re off the bike? Illustrated by Thomas Slater and drawn from world class experience, Kasual Klub gives you the necessary inspiration and equipment to truly live the professional off bike lifestyle, or whatever.


SPEED SPEED SPEED: Speed Speed Speed, Sweat Sweat Sweat, Snacks Snacks Snacks, Naps Naps Naps. It’s all coming. It’s all happening. YOU WILL LOVE IT!


Artist Series: If we’re tired of boring kits then you must be sick to death of them. Fortunately there’s Manual for Speed’s Artist Series. This year’s we’ve asked three artist, Shawna X, Yoko Hondo, and Supermundane, to focus their designs around the ideas on speed, panache, and energy. Kinda the Most!

VIMicro Sponsors

As correspondents, artists, journalists and publishers both inside the in the field and out, we have special needs. #microsponsors are those brands and products that help to meet our ever-evolving, ever-changing, ever-transmogrifying needs.


Please buy products from these people, they support us. We endorse them.


Head / Mental Acuity – Stumptown Coffee: We hold Stumptown Coffee accountable for our fringe hour brain fitness. Their vibrant caffeinated beverages keep our lights on in the dead of night; their elixirs electrify us throughout the insipid early mornings. If you hope to achieve anything remotely close to what MFS has, you will drink Stumptown Coffee.


Body / Future-Sartorial Garb – Outlier: MFS understands the future, we GET IT, and therefore we wear clothes that are prepared for the inevitability of the next outcome. Looking good is not a secret, it’s Outlier.


Please consider buying products from these people, but don’t do it yet, we’ll get back to you.


Feet / Foot Aware – Nike FlyKnits: In 2015 we would like to make Nike FlyKnits our official footwear sponsor, on account of they are hella tight, hella light, and fantastically functional for all orders of business.


Water / Effervescent Hydration – Perrier: Water, plain water, is fine. And fine is fine if you are fine with fine, but fine doesn’t get you to the next level road racing spectacle coverage. Fine doesn’t get you an insider look at what makes the global cycling spectacle tick. What we’re getting at is that we are not fine with fine. We strive for excellence; we intend to tame the untamable. To do that, we won’t settle for plain water, we demand water with something more, because that’s what we intend to give you, something more.





Manual For Speed is a work in progress. Take our ABOUT page copy for example, it’s changed every year for the last five years, basically since the beginning. We’re either inconsistent, or evolving, or both. What follows are slections/highlights from the last five year’s About’s.


Professional cycling—at its most elemental level—is about speed. Support staff, management, individual racers and the team collectively are dedicated to its pursuit. Training, nutrition, physiology, psychology, and strategy combine to realize it. Speed is the bottom line; the ultimate goal.


Manual for Speed is not a technical manual or training resource. It is not a report of last week’s results. We represent an intimate, insightful and studied look at speed. Viewed from as many perspectives as possible, this project is a humanistic and episodic look at what professional cyclists do and endure to go as fast as they possibly can.


Garmin Cervelo is an established and accomplished UCI First Division Pro team while Team Exergy is a rookie Domestic team with high expectations but no record to speak of. One seasoned, one brand-new. One racing at the pinnacle of professional road cycling: the other on the way up. Each faces a unique set of opportunities, demands, commitments, and expectations. Yet both teams are trying to go as fast as they possibly can, both are committed to speed.


Manual For Speed is focused on Alex Howes and Team Garmin-Sharp, Development (Colombian, American and Belgian), the Giro d’Italia, Domestic Racing, and Cyclocross.


Manual For Speed is an intimate, insightful and studied look at speed. Viewed from as many perspectives as possible, this project is a humanistic and episodic look at what professional cyclists do and endure to go as fast as they possibly can.


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