As any preeminent journalist/episodic documentarian will tell you, in the pursuit of big game trophy coverage like UCI WorldTour Stage Races—especially when an appreciation (appetite!, proclivity!) for a more rarefied and eclectic type of observation is present—a unique and very special opportunity to witness, document and publish a cornucopia of unexpected and unforeseen treasures is, if you’re open to it, a part of the deal. That’s what this is, a cataloged collection of Field Reports, Briefs, Special Announcements, Flowers, Tidbits, Miscellanea, Tender Moments, etc., all of which feature life’s little Bonus Treasures.

Tulsa Tough Statement

In light of recent​ e​vents at this year’s Tulsa Tough Category 3 race, we would like to issue the following statement.

AACK BLOG – The Eagle – June 11, 2017

If you’re here, you realize the fundamental thing needed to ride with energie and style is simple: passion.

AACK BLOG – The Wolf – May 30, 2017

I didn't read the I Ching because I can't, it's written in zhuànshū and I don't read zhuànshū.

AACK BLOG – The Cheetah – May 23, 2017

This year I decided to commit wholly and completely to Science and Technology. I purchased a Top of the Line Trainer, I subscribed to TrainerRoad, I outlined my goals, plugged in my dates, and I got down to it.

2017 Tour de California Team Sky Roster

We asked Team Sky's Tour de California roster to help us dial-in our Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) with a trip to Ocean Beach for some surfing.

#Yearhook: Brooklyn 2017

The Red Hook Criterium: Brooklyn Yearbook featuring the Class of 2017!

WHOOSH: Team Specialized Rocket Espresso Hotel Confessional – Ep. 01, Brooklyn

MFS Speed Center talks to the team before, during and after Red Hook Crit Brooklyn—all in the comfort of their hotel rooms.

AACK BLOG – The Cheetah – May 04, 2017

I’ve decided to leave behind the methodical, structured, self-sacrificing, controlled, strategic and predictable manner of racing on a team in favor of racing for myself.

AACK BLOG – The Eagle – May 03, 2017

" The teching-out of this sport is absolutely killing it, which kills ME."

The 2017 Amateur Animal Cycling Krew Winter Training & Lookbook

A guide to the winter training techniques and equipment of the AACK founding members.

WHOOSH: Wheels of Speed

Manual for Speed investigates the 2017 Red Hook Criterium series.

AACK: The Knife Fight

What is a Knife Fight? Why are Knife Fights important? How can I get involved in a Knife Fight?

The Luck/Love Tour

Manual for Speed's 2017 Spring Classics Campaign.

The Amateur Animal Cycling Krew (AACK)

Manual for Speed is launching a training blog called Amateur Animal Cycling Krew (AACK).

At the Races #9: Party Crew


At the Races #8: Newbs

Puppy love, honeymoon phase, whatever you want to call it—it's inspiring and uplifting to see.

At the Races #7: Randos

Any bicycle race has it's share of locals who just want to see what the hubbub is all about.

At the Races #6: Ol’ Dawgs

We've all seen 'em, we all love 'em.

At the Races #5: Blue Collar Worker

Sometimes hired by the organizers, sometimes unwitting spectators—but always around.

“Podium Girls” – An Apology and Some Thoughts

An apology and some thoughts about Wednesday's post.

At the Races #4: Pro-Not-Pro

The mysterious, camouflaged amateurs who dot the shoulder of roads across the world.

At the Races #3: Volunteer

The kind of chiller we all want to be when we grow up.

At the Races #2: Traffic Cop

The Traffic Cop is as much a PRR staple as the cyclists themselves.

Manual for Speed is At the Races in 2017!

Read on for our 2017 calendar.

At the Races #1: Woman with Small Dog

One of our first chiller-related observations was the overwhelming number of Women with Small Dogs.

Black Space Tape is HERE!

OK, OK, stop pestering us. We're bringing it back.

PFS Pantheon 2 of 9: The Gypsy

Classics Specialist

PFS Pantheon 1 of 9: The Cannibal

Team Leader & Most Ferocious


A week ago I woke up at three in morning with Marco Pantani sitting on the edge of my bed.

An Illustrated Guide to the 2016 Surprise Me! Kit

Looking back at the results of MFS Kit Series #1: Surprise Me!

2016 MFS Kit Series #3: The Most Animal

Is it your duty as a cyclist to buy this jersey and help fund the future of cycling? To in effect televise this revolution? To be a changemaker? To spread the word? Yes, yes it is.

The Sound of Spectacle

If you think cycling looks like the Greatest Spectacle on Earth, you should hear it.


The final update to our Most Animal competition from France. Plus, some Stinky Moments!

Le Spectacle

Le Spectacle is a organism, it is an ecosystem, it is an entire world—every year it hatches in the beginning of July and for nearly the entire month the world stands in rapt attention as this massive event cavorts, parades, and churns through Europe.


The second update to our Most Animal competition from France. Plus, some Stinky Moments!

SNACKS Tee Type II v.1 – Product Spotlight

Obviously we want to celebrate SNACKS and all they do for us; and the best way to celebrate something is to put it on a t-shirt.

2016 Tour de France: Week One Most Animal Classification

After a long and, at times, turbulent negotiation with A.S.O., Manual for Speed is proud to announce the introduction of the Tour de France Most Animal Classification Jersey.

SPEED Tee Type II v. 1 – Product Spotlight

You are encouraged to purchase this shirt, not just for yourself but for your friends and family, for your neighbors or for some stranger on the street.

Liquid Speed Tee – Product Spotlight

Speed is fluid, Speed is bright, Speed is exciting and Speed is forever new!

2016 MFS Kit Series #2: The Tron

This is the world’s first accurate, physical representation of Light Speed.

Surprising Moments in Cycling History (A Legacy): Vol. II

Presented by the 2016 Manual for Speed Surprise Me! Kit. With writing by Klaus & illustration by Thomas Slater.

Surprising Moments in Cycling History (A Legacy): Vol. I

Presented by the 2016 Manual for Speed Surprise Me! Kit. With writing by Klaus.

MFS in G(h)ent

Surprise!!! We still have stories to tell from the Cobble Goblins Campaign!


Red Hook Criterium Class of 2016! Remembering the best days of our lives!

Surprise Me! aka WTF is MFS: Introspect, Retrospect, Celebrate!

In an effort to better understand the Greatest Spectacle on Earth we thought we'd start by gaining a better understanding of ourselves.

2016 Amstel Gold Race: Pre-Race

Manual for Speed brought an "Animalizer" or vision-based portal in the form of an ancient leopard skin (on loan from the Smithsonian's Museum of Hunting and Gathering) to today's Amstel Gold Roster Photoshoot.

2016 Paris–Roubaix: Pre-Race

As far we can tell, the Team Presentation is a warm-up for sign-in. Or maybe, think of it like a wedding rehearsal.

MFS x Dehen for Manual for Speed Center

MFS collaborated with Dehen 1920 to create One-Of-A-Kind-Official Manual for Speed Correspondent Jackets.



Clown Dreams Lookbook

Dream on with Zerp Rainone.


"The darkest section of the race is also the fastest."


On Black Friday we're doing things differently around here. New products. Full price.

EXTRA! EXTRA! Kiel Gets the Call-up! From Trek Factory Racing!

Kiel Reijnen is going to the World Tour (finally).

Chapeau, Schwag!

Free hats at the 2015 TDF.

MFS Artist Residency: Zio Ziegler

The Manual for Speed Artist Residency welcomes Zio Ziegler, featuring his Summer 2015 Kit.

Tour de France All-Stars

In an effort to demonstrate and showcase the necessary role Fan Art plays in the culture of Road Racing we collaborated with Specialized and Sam Taylor to create a collection of TDF All-Stars.

MFS Artist Residency: Karan Singh

The Manual for Speed Artist Residency welcomes Karan Singh, featuring his Summer 2015 Kit.

MFS Artist Residency: Sigrid Calon

The Manual for Speed Artist Residency welcomes Sigrid Calon, featuring her Summer 2015 Kit.

MFS Artist Residency: Summer 2015

The way we see it, Cycling Kit is an opportunity for Elevated Personal Expression. As such, we’re proposing a complete break from the hegemonic monotony of Corporate Body Advertising. Rather than being an unwilling participant in some Business Company’s fall product campaign, why not express your own aesthetic, an aesthetic that says culture counts, style counts and Goddamnit, art counts.

MFS Artist Residency: Mike Perry

The Manual for Speed Artist Residency welcomes Mike Perry, featuring his Summer 2015 Kit.

MFS Artist Residency: Jerry Inscoe

The Manual for Speed Artist Residency welcomes Jerry Inscoe, featuring his Summer 2015 Kit.

YO! MFS CRIBZ: California Edition

In this episode of YO! MFS Cribz, Manual for Speed has been granted exclusive and unprecedented access in the Los Angeles area homes of five seasoned pros to catch a glimpse of their decadent SoCal lifestyles.


What better way to say “I support our dudes,” then with a t-shirt that say’s “Support our Dudes”?

Manual for Speed vs. Le Tour de France

This year, for the first time ever Manual for Speed squares off against the Tour de France.

Post-Tulsa Tough Tulsa Tour

After the race, we went on a tour of downtown Tulsa. On a weekend, downtown Tulsa appears to be an empty post-apocalyptic movie set. Or maybe everyone is just in church.

Tour of Kalifornia Kommemorative T-Shirt & Poster

Manual for Speed is headed to the Golden State!

Koffee with Kings

A step by step guide to drinking delicous Koffee on the road. Presented by Stumptown Coffee #microsponsor

WAGs’ Guide to Girona

We asked Laura Fletcher, Amber Meier, Jordan Reijnen and Melissa Van Zyl for their top attractions, spots and tips for visitors to Girona.

YO! MFS Cribz: Girona Edition Episode 2

An inside look at the luxurious lairs of the world's best and most interesting athletes.

Girona Time Capsule/Real Estate Listing

An unguided tour of a pro cyclist's former Girona residence.

YO! MFS Cribz: Girona Edition Episode 1

An inside look at the luxurious lairs of the world's best and most interesting athletes.

Milan–Sanremo Pre-Game #unfairadvantage

MTN-Qhubeka and Cannondale-Garmin do some #chilling before Milan-Sanremo.

Garmindale Mate Sesh

“It's real nice, it tastes really healthy."—Ben King

Stars: They’re Just Like Us!

Pro cycling SUPERSTAR! and world renowned author Phil Gaimon was spotted in the offseason strolling along New York’s East River in the midst of a kasual tryst with cyclist girlfriend Jen Whalen.

A Typology of Argentine Two-Wheeled Vehicles

Everyone in Argentina gets around on two wheels: moms, dads, kids, grandmas, grandpas, cops, robbers, everybody.


After reading our Tour de San Luis Día Dos report, Dan Chabanov demanded a selfie with Pippo and Luca.


Media, athletes, bike dealers and celebrities from around the world descended upon the world-renowned IAC building in NYC on January 7th for the launch, and now fans can join in on the excitement online.

Alex Howes at Peloton Studio

Catch a ride with the world's best!


MFS is proud to honor the Proud Pandas of the Surprise Me! Edition RFTD Kit Team!


An Open Thank You Letter to the Dreamers Who Purchased the Official RFTD Kit & RFTD Public Service Announcement #1.5 aka “The Space Panda Look Book”

Interbike Bicycle Trade Show Red Carpet

Manual for Speed was on hand for the 2014 Interbike Bicycle and Bicycle Accessory Trade Show. We hit the red carpet and asked some of the most influential Bicycle Industry Style Icons: "What are you wearing?"

Barricade Feet

Boise is undeniably a sandals town.

Evan Murphy, Regarding Comportment

Evan Murphy is in Emiliano Granado's car. They are driving home after the finish of the Parx Casino Philly Cycling Classic.

Support Our Dudes!

Our dudes are headed to Leeds for the 2014 Tour de France!

Tour Day France

Tour Day France

American Crit Housing, Vol. 3

You want a pillow? Who are you, Queen Elizabeth?

MFSM-003 Bonus Tip: Hair Care

A Bonus Addendeum to MFSM-003.

American Crit Housing, Vol. 2

Team CLIF Housing, Roswell

American Crit Housing, Vol. 1

Team CLIF Housing, Athens, GA

VAPV: Feature-Length GIF Documentary

A moving-picture summary of the 2014 Vuelta al País Vasco.

Official Team Garmin-Sharp 2014 Paris-Roubaix Roster

David Millar answered our open request for Paris-Roubaix Team Hotel Visits.

Basque Samurais

11 Facts About the Suzuki Samurai

Alex Howes: 2014 Preview

Alex Howes reflects on 2013 and looks ahead to the coming year.

Lachlan Morton, Post-2014 Tour Down Under

Manual for Speed conducted a brief Tour Down Under Exit Interview with Lachlan Morton in the form of five For The Records.

Dubai Tour: Biographies by Klaus

Klaus breaks down four lesser-known riders from the 2014 Dubai Tour.

Dubai Tour Team Catalog

An inconsistently/randomly captioned and quasi-complete Team Catalog Typology (TCT) featuring race participants, in profile, commuting to work the morning of the fourth and last day of the 2014 Dubai Tour.

Valentine’s Day

Many would argue that Valentine's Day is a contrived holiday designed to serve commercial/corporate interests aka sell shit, which duh, but everyone agrees that love as in True Love is a legitimate, intrinsic part of our shared human experience.

Phil Gaimon on the World Tour

I’m from Georgia. I almost got my ass beat for wearing skinny jeans to a Waffle House once, I should've known. And on rides I used to get "GO LANCE" all the time. Fact is I'd rather get called derogatory names; they don't bother me as much. I have an English degree, God knows why. I'm old and everyone knows it but it's not a factor, I know where I'm at and I know what I can do.

A Typology of Lesser-Known Cyclists at the 2014 Tour Down Under

Eleven participants of the 2014 Tour Down Under you might not know much about! Kaptions by Klaus.

Brady Kappius on Cross Nationals

"Cross Nationals. The one race everyone is peaking for and the only race anyone remembers next season."

A Brief Typology of Australian Naps

Of the myriad techniques Australians utilize to combat the effects of the omnipresent South Australian Sun, none pay as many dividends as the siesta.

Lachlan Morton, Pre-2014 Tour Down Under

"Eventually we got to Uluru. Everyone else flew home while I drove the rig back with my girlfriend who had flown in. At one point, out in the middle of nowhere driving along a huge, straight highway, a big eagle—I've never seen a bird this big (at this point Lachlan makes a measuring motion with a level hand at about belly button height)—came up from the side of the road."

Tim Johnson’s Breakfast

Manual for Speed is at the USA Cyclocross National Championships this weekend. We saw Tim across the parking lot this afternoon and said hi.

Jamey Driscoll’s Hair

We asked Jamey, "Are you aware, like when you look in the mirror every morning, that your hair is fabulous?"

Ryan Trebon on Cars

"Everything else can be C-quality, because I just want to drive it and not worry about every little thing. I don't want to look at a show car, I want to rip it around."

Pre-CX Nationals Human Athlete Conference

A pre-nationals meeting of the minds.

Tim Johnson: An Introduction

I went from the Pro Tour in Europe to Division III in the US over the course of one offseason. We drove a van to half the races we did. Normally that kills a cyclist, but for me it was the best thing I could’ve done. It reinforced why I do it, and that’s because I love to ride my bike.

Kaitie Antonneau: An Introduction

"When I go to race I turn something on. The day of the race I have a whole different side to me, whether I’m relaxed or not. I’m ready to try to kill people on my bike."

Jamey Driscoll: An Introduction

"I’m not at the point in my life or career where I’m worried about walking three blocks or how many peanuts I grab out of a bowl."

Ryan Trebon: An Introduction

"I had a friend in the ninth grade who was into racing and we started riding together every day. I was like, “Hey, this is fun,” and it snowballed from there."

Reed McCalvin: “It Matters to Me”

"The Development Riders are at just the right age to work hard, absorb everything and to still be people. They make mistakes and they figure things out. It’s a great time in their career. And when they win it’s that much more exciting."

Reed McCalvin: An Introduction

"The longer I was in the sport the more I became a little disenfranchised with it. Attitudes and Egos and Politics."

Tom Danielson on Hotels

"I was in that mindset a month and a half ago at the Tour de France and then I crashed out, and all of a sudden you have a completely different perspective where you want to be checking in and out of different hotels every day."

The Professional Cyclist Book Club

The Pro Cyclist's Book Club is a book club dedicated to the pursuit of the intellectual, cultural and spiritual growth of the professional cyclist.

Dan Chabanov Goes to Philly

"No point in waxing poetic."

Jasper Stuyven in California

The finale of a Pro race is harder and goes for longer than an entire U23 race. You also have more time to get bottles and take a pee break in the Pro race because it's more controlled.

Blue or Blue?

“I have new jersey for the Belgian National Team. It’s blue, but it’s different blue. You can help me decide. Blue or Blue?”

Jasper Stuyven: An Introduction

For young Belgian riders, the competition is tough and a rider’s career potential is determined very early.

Reed McCalvin, On Alex Howes

"He likes knives—I don't know what the knife thing is about but it's his thing, and it’s NOT creepy, it’s not like he’s walking around packing, he just likes knives."

Team RadioShack-Leopard Music

Emily Maye reports on the musical selections of Team RadioShack-Leopard at the 2013 Tour of California.

Dan Chabanov: CRCA Championships

He is twenty-six years old. He was born in Moscow, Russia but he lives in Brooklyn, New York where he will continue to live until he has a reason to leave.

An Interview with Alex Howes

Alex Howes is twenty-four years old, he wears nerd glasses, he has dapper hair, he is co-founder of the P.C.B.C. (Pro Cyclist’s Book Club), he lives in Boulder, Colorado. It’s mid-January. In 48 hours he leaves for Gerona, Spain and the start of his 2013 season. For two days now we have been following and observing Alex in his natural habitat.

“I Feel Like Myself at the Races”

"My name is Fernando Tapia. I've been a team mechanic off an on for 20 years. I'm 49 now."

Jens, Still Being Jens

I never turned left or right or up and down I was always at my spot, hopefully people see some certain stability. 'Whatever happens, Jens will be still Jens.'

Torn Labrum(s)

"There is something about living on the fringe that keeps me motivated."

Sponsor 101

SpiderTech presents to Team Exergy.

Sign Here

Excerpts from the 2012 Team Exergy Rider Contract.


Want to find out what a pride lion is made of?


To win is to be obsessed, to find an edge. Winning requires brains, it requires lunacy, and it requires sacrifice.

Driveway Time Trial

The driveway is half mile long and steep, as in an average of 15.7% with the worst section 28%.

Service Course

Weclome to Team Exergy. Here's your kit. Here's your bike.

Go Kart Racing

What does a brand new cycling team do for team bonding? Go Karts.


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