Interbike Bicycle Trade Show Red Carpet

Interbike Bicycle Trade Show Red Carpet

Manual for Speed was on hand for the 2014 Interbike Bicycle and Bicycle Accessory Trade Show. We hit the red carpet and asked some of the most influential Bicycle Industry Style Icons: "What are you wearing?"

Ben King wears Castelli #anunfairadvantage team issue top and cap, model's own jeans, Colorado Edition New Balance sneakers, and Garmin Tactix watch.
Guy East wears lululemon and Nike.
Jeremiah Bishop wears Banana Republic c. 1999, "check out my YouTube channel "In the Wheelhouse with Jeremiah Bishop." I'm looking for a teammate for the million dollar race across Africa, The Munga.
Garrett Chow wears Top Secret top, bottom and shoes.
Karany Nhim wears Giro New Road top and bottom, Kletterworks bag, and Nike sneakers.
Lola Morales wears Zara top and bottom, Converse sneakers.
Natasha Meineke wears Elite Cycling apparel, Specialized shoes, and drinks soy latte (sugar-free vanilla with three Splenda).
John wears Levi's jean jacket, vintage military surplus shorts, Gap oxford, classic Vans, Boreas pack and Dooby's coffee shop cap.
Candice Lorraine wears sponsor-neutral black dress and heels. PS: DEAR USAPC, PLEASE #BRINGCANDICEBACK
L: Daniel Wakefield Pasley wears Kasual Klub, Outlier and Nike. R: John wears Golden Saddle Cyclery, Topo Designs and Nike.
Nike Flyknit is engineered to provide support where it's needed. Nike Flyknit uses ultrastrong yarn knit into different textures to remove any excess weight. Nike Flyknit single strand construction drastically reduces waste and materials.

Dear Nike, please consider this MFS' formal request for sponsorship from NIKE, Inc., FlyKnit Division.
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