Garmindale Mate Sesh

Garmindale Mate Sesh

“It's real nice, it tastes really healthy."—Ben King

IBasic Yerba Mate Instructions
  1. Obtain a gourd and bombilla (the metal straw). With new gourds, curing is recommended: fill with boiling water for 10 minutes, then softly scrape the interior walls under running water—leave the stem in the center. Let sit in the sun for 24-48 hours.
  2. Pack your gourd approximately half-full of mate.
  3. Cover the gourd with your palm, and turning it upside down, flick your wrist several times to sift the mate.
  4. Holding the gourd almost parallel with the ground, shake it back and forth to bring the larger leaves to the top.
  5. Gourd on the table, insert your bombilla. The mate should still be clumped to one side of the gourd (from turning it sideways in step four)—put the bombilla in the empty space, away from the mate.
  6. Fill the gourd with hot water around 170°F/75°C, no boiling water!!!
  7. Without moving the bombilla, finish the mate before passing the gourd.
IIGarmindale Mate Sesh
“It's real nice, it tastes really healthy."—Ben King
“Very grassy tasting. It tastes like it looks, lawn mower clippings. I think it would be nice with some honey drizzled into it. Wow, the bottom is a heavy hit.”—Joe Dombrowski
"No, I'm not drinking with you guys. I've had it before, it's like licking a garden."—Ted King
"Wait, it's not getting any better."—Nate Brown
SIDE NOTE: As per an agreement made early last week, after our Mate Sesh, Manual for Speed gave Ben King the Yerba Mate "kit" as a gift for future use. To that point, later that day Ben King texted us this comment about his new Yerba Mate Kit: "I'm going to pass the bombilla on the reg." UPDATE! Ben King has in fact been using is Mate Kit. Nice work Ben.
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