Like the plague, handbags for men, and Peugeots, Cyclocross was invented in Europe. Apparently one day in March, in the town of Luik, in the year 1907, a group of bored and misguided road cyclists—Pierre, Raoul, Henri, Jacque, Big Tony and some dude named Martin—elected to turn an otherwise lawful road race into an act of terrorism. Citing church steeples as landmarks, they decided to run their village-to-village race that fateful day using any means necessary; meaning they could cut through farmer’s fields (trespassing), hop over fences (breaking and entering), climb over walls (vandalism) take shortcuts (reckless endangerment), and basically do WHATEVER it took to get there first. In spite of the fact that their farms, fields, and parks, nay livelihood was now scarred by a barbaric and senseless network of ruts, errant mud, and exposed roots, a situation the villagers instinctively knew was environmentally unsustainable, they refused to complain or confront the outlaw steeplechasers for fear of retribution, or worse, for fear of death. Left unchecked, this type of race has become codified over the decades into the insidious and destructive cyclocross racing format that we know today.

September 16, 2015 -
2015 Cross Vegas

I didn’t have the best time. I hope you did. Team MFS discussed this back at the La Quinta Office after my keycard quest (see below). We all pretty much shared the vibe, but then after looking at the photos we thought, hey these photos aren’t that bad, this race looks all right. So Dear Readers, look at the photos, there’s something to them.

January 7, 2015 - January 11, 2015
2015 USA Cycling Cyclocross National Championships

Maybe Cyclocross is, at best, a false-sport whose origins can be traced all the way back to an organized crime syndicate that flourished in pre-industrial Europe, when, like the Dark Ages, anti-innovation, anti-technology and anti-intellectual attitudes dominated culture.

November 14, 2014 - November 16, 2014
2014 Jingle Cross

Dear Iowa, bootcut jeans? Still? Really? Is it because you guys ride Harleys and work in fields and whatnot? Like what I'm trying to say is this, do you wear bootcut jeans because you wear so many boots?

October 3, 2014 - October 5, 2014
2014 KMC Cyclo-cross Festival

Steeplechase Tournaments, like American Criteriums, are weekend events in various towns-not-cities throughout America.

September 10, 2014 -
2014 Cross Vegas

Las Vegas is most definitely in the middle of a desert. There is just no way of denying it; any map worth a damn will show that the City of Sin rises like a middle finger from the center of a vast brown expanse, away from major bodies of water, far from a dependable jetstream.

January 12, 2014 -
2014 USA Cycling Cyclocross National Championships

"Look, when you're recovering before Nationals you can't get up to change the channel."

September 29, 2013 -
2013 GP Gloucester

Gloucester, MA, is notable for at least two different reasons.

September 11, 2013 -
2013 Cross Vegas

The 2013 Cross Vegas Cyclocross Tournament.

February 2, 2013 -
2013 UCI Cyclocross World Championships

The 2013 UCI Cyclocross World Championships were in Louisville, KY and it flooded.


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