2014 Tour Day France: Day Zero

2014 Tour Day France: Day Zero

Friday - July 4, 2014 - Leeds, UK

Tomorrow is the first day of Manuel's new life, and the start of Tour Day France!

Three years ago Manuel quit his Courtroom Artist job of 35 years—the majority of which time he spent working in the Florida Supreme Court, and over the course of which tenure he won dozens of prestigious national and international awards for his art—to finally realize his dream of becoming the first Canine TV Correspondent for ABC’s Wide World of Sports.


Though Manuel is in a hurry to leave the stress and anxiety of the courtroom behind, he is confident that his work and focus will continue to feature his World Famous Illustrations (WFIs). And while Manuel is more interested, personally, in LARPing and Team Sports than Cycling, his was both the first and most compelling/titillating response to Manual for Speed’s Craigslist Ad about the Tour de France—so he got the job.


And so it is that today, Manuel hitchhiked from his home in Florida to France where he learned the 2014 Tour de France starts in Leeds, a city in the country of England. On his new assignment, Manuel commented, “I want to be an example for future generations of dogs. It’s four small steps for canine-kind.”


Tomorrow is the first day of Manuel’s new life, and the start of Tour Day France!

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