2014 USA Pro Challenge: Stage 01

2014 USA Pro Challenge: Stage 01

Monday - August 18, 2014 - Aspen

Mike Creed, Team Smart Stop DS, wears Levi's 511 jeans, Mountain Khakis Polo, Mountain Khakis boots and an H&M Blazer.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014
Start Location
Aspen, 11:10 AM
61 miles
End Location
End Finish Time

Cloud_+_Sun 69°

Sunny, very warm, nearly hot, elevated

Start/Finish (x2)
Snowmass (x2)
Course Overview (according to the Official 2014 USA Pro Challenge Media Guide)

Stage 1 of the 2013 race was such a success, we decided​ to do it again. The Aspen/Snowmass circuit may be short on distance, but it packs a punch. At 65 miles (three laps of nearly 22 miles each), and 2200 feet of climbing per lap, with minimal recovery this circuit puts the “challenge” in the USA Pro Challenge. Each lap will see the riders grind up to Snowmass Village then a quick descent leads to two short but steep climbs, and a quick loop before downtown and doing it all over again. Pair that with a starting elevation of 7900 feet and you have tough opening day.

Current Location

Room 1147 of the Inn At Aspen

Room 1147 Occupants & Manual for Speed USA Pro Challenge Team

Ian Gabriel “An Unfair Advantage” Marshall

Emiliano Granado

Daniel Wakefield Pasley

Room 1147 Status

It’s currently 2:29 AM​, we are out of Executive (sparkling or “sponsor”) Water, we just shared (three slices a piece) a 28-inch pepperoni and sausage pizza from New York Pizza, Ian is half naked and sleeping, Emiliano is shirtless and working in the corner, I’m in my underwear and a Kasual Klub Tank Top and working on my bed, my lap is hot.

Today's Objective

Photograph the race. Find Thomas Dekker a puppy, or at the very least a small child, to pose with for a candid portrait session before the start of the race.

Quote of the Day

“Oh yeah, these sweatpants cost about $1000.00 US, so…”


IAn Enumerated Breakdown of Our Day, Cataloged by Time and Organized Chronologically

12:00 AM: During yesterday’s making of MFS’s ​Team Garmin-Sharp ​Pre-game​ Meet’n’Greet​ Lawn Party Interview and Portrait Session​, we noticed that Thomas Dekker was wearing exceptional sweat pants. They were articulated. They had topstitching and other superficial detailings. And they were remarkably well-tailored and cut. After casually admiring them, I mentioned to Thomas that I owned a pair of ADYN Essential Joggers, and that they were basically $200.00 sweat pants. Thinking you know, we could bond over our mutual interest in high-fashion soft-pants. He said—smiling warmly the whole time—”Oh yeah, these (pointing to his aforementioned remarkable sweatpants) cost about $1000.00 US, so…”

​​12:36 PM: ​During our first visit to ink! COFFEE this morning, roughly ​two hours ​before the 2:40 PM start, there was no music playing music, at all. There was nothing, no music, no radio, just the typical environmental type noises one would associate with a coffee shop. After ordering, we mentioned to them (Alex and Aspen) that they were in fact DJ’ing the Aspen portion of this year’s USA Pro Challenge. They apologized for the silence, and Aspen immediately went to the office in the back to put some music on. We said no sweat, because like, they probably didn’t know they were the DJ’ing the Aspen portion of this year’s USA Pro Challenge, because how would they? Then we asked them to each write down their personal five-deep playlist based on who they are and what they like, to be collected in an hour when we return.

​1​:01 PM: We wandered down into the village and lurked hard on the start scene. At one point we confused the Podium Girls, one of whom we know (Hey Courtney Gurl!), with the Cannondale Girls.

1:35 PM: Mike Creed, Team Smart Stop DS, wears Levi’s 511 jeans, Mountain Khakis Polo, Mountain Khakis boots and an H&M Blazer.

​2:10 PM: We arranged/secured a small dog for Thomas Dekker to pose with in the barricaded gauntlet area on the way back from sign-in. Moments before Dekker arrived the small dog became anxious and problematic. We immediately fell back to our Plan B position, where we had a small child waiting on stand-by. Watching the child’s mother hand the child over the barricade to a complete stranger as instructed, is Today’s Highlight. Though the child was visibly wary at first, he/she quickly succombed to Dekker’s charm and beauty.

​3:01 PM: ​​During our second visit to ink! COFFEE, not only did we pick-up two exceptional playlists (see below), but, and this was over the course of our prolonged visit due to the length of time between each lap through downtown Aspen, we also made a third playlist based on what was (finally!) playing in situ.

​5:11 PM: At the post-race Press Conference in the Antler Room we heard 2014 USA Pro Cycling Stage 1 second place finisher Alex Howes tell the entire world (verbatim-ish), “That’s racing, sometimes it punches you in the face and sometimes it works out.”

6:49 PM: Manual for Speed recieved an email from Thomas Dekker which read (verbatim), “I am waiting for the baby pic…….”​

9:30 PM: Emiliano and Ian just returned from 2014 USA Pro Cycling Stage 1 ​first ​place finisher​ Kiel Reijnen’s room in the Timberline Condominiums at Snowmass where they photographed Kiel, in Yellow, (see below).

​2:30 AM: I just ordered a Quantum Turbo SC Flash Battery, a Canon 550EX​ flash and Quantum CV2 flash Cable from Adorama for overnight delivery to our hotel in Colorado Springs because earlier today my 4-month old Canon 430 EXII failed, suddenly and completely. As I hit “submit your order,” I noticed seconds too late that that the Quantum Turbo SC Flash Battery is currently out of stock. I’m looking forward to speaking with Adorama customer service tomorrow regarding canceling that portion of my order. And I’m looking even more forward to ordering a second, hopefully in stock this time, Quantum Turbo SC Flash Battery for overnight delivery from B&H or maybe possibly KEH.

II2014 ​USA Pro Cycling Challenge Announcer Dave Towle
Quotes reproduced verbatim, when possible.
  1. You got to be in position​,​ to even be in position​,​ to ​do something if you want to do something.​
  2. Done a​aaaaaaaand​ dusted​ddddd​​!​
  3. ​Ladies and Gentlemen, ​things are gonna go ​ballistic five minutes from now​!​
  4. Are you ready to see these gladiators launch into space!?!??!?!?!
  5. There​ are twenty that want into that break-away​ ​but there are only​ six seats ​at that​ table ​!​
  6. If you get dropped because you​’re​ not fast enough nobody cares about you, you​’re​ dead to them. But if you have a ​mechanical, then the service guys are there to help you get back into the race. ​But once the problem is fixed it’s up to these riders to either drop like a rock down and elevator shaft or rise like an angel ​soaring back to the top of the race.​
  7. ​Get ready for a ​sonic boom in mere seconds!​
  8. ​There are no gifts in professional cycling​!​​​
  9. ​Right now these guys are literally turning themselves literally inside out​!
  10. ​The ​German diesel is slaying it ​ now!​
  11. Jens ​Voigt has ​the​ accelerator ​taped​ to​ the floor ​ and he is going going gone​​!
  12. You can see the Panic ​B​ells ringing​ all over the place​​!
  13. The heavy​, ​heavy hitters on ​BMC​ have taken over the race​!​
  14. Hammer and tongs ,​ hammer​ and tongs​. Hammer. And. Tongsssss​​!​
IIIStage One Music Section
IVMavic Maxims
Aphorisms, adages, epigraphs, idioms, mantras, proverbs, etc., by Tom Danielson, Phil Gaimon and Ben King.

Mavic makes footwear and wheels, but more importantly Yellow, the color of sunshine, produces a warming effect, arouses cheerfulness, stimulates mental activity and generates muscle energy.​ Furthermore, yellow is associated with joy, happiness, intellect, ​and free-but-exceptionally-reliable mechanical​ service, in particular service related to wheels, i.e. bicycle wheels.


“My goal today is to accomplish my objectives. ”Tommy D. “Youngest never pays for his own coffee, and the oldest gets the big bed. ”Phil Gaimon “The glory of God is a man most fully alive.—St Irenaeus of Lyons ”Ben King
VIThe Race, Kind Of
VIIPress Room Timeout
IXUHC Pro Cycling 2014 USA Pro Challenge Yellow Jersey Lookbook
Kiel Reijnen, Model
Kiel Reijnen won the first stage of the 2014 USA Pro Challenge. In return, the race provided him with this stylist Yellow Jersey (rental unit only).
01 This photograph of Jordan and Kiel Reijnen, which photograph almost didn't happen due to Jordan's post-race transportation arrangements, was coordinated/brokered/produced/photographed/published by Manual for Speed.
02 Hugs!!!!!
03 "After I got third on Stage 5 of the Tour of Utah I got a text message and a call from my mom."
04 "Today I've gotten forty-six text messages and thirty-seven emails."
05 "I have 198 Twitter notifications and 178 Facebook notifications."
06 "Plus I got a call from my mom."
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