How to Be a Fan

VVV Manual One: How to Be a Fan

How to
Be a Fan

How to
Be a Fan

How to
Be a Fan

VVV Manual One

What even is Crit Racing?

Crit Racing 101: A huge grip of racers do like 50 laps or whatever around a short vaguely circular course with at least four corners.

It’s loud and explosive and smells bad like Nascar. It’s also rowdy, raw and massively underappreciated like Saddle Bronc riding. And, it’s as dangerous as both. Expect lots of crashing and sketchy cornering. Aaaaaand, as far as cycling is concerned, it’s American AF.

The better crits take place on a bunch of main streets in a downtown area with lots of bars and restaurants with, if you’re lucky, rooftop or second floor balconies/access. So basically you can drink and eat while professional Athletes—Gladiators of the Road—perform for your entertainment.


  1. Venga Venga Venga! Make noise. The louder you yell the faster they go. 
  2. Official Chants from Around The World
    • Venga Venga Venga
    • Hup Hup Hup
    • Allez Allez Allez
    • Go Go Go
  3. Banned Chants from Around The World
    • Shut up legs.
    • Go Lance.
  4. Bring Noise Makers! Bring a Marching Band.
  5. Responsible Alcohol Consumption Helps
  6. You can’t be too loud!
  7. Be a human Jock Jam.


Don’t Crash The Race Out

Spectator Code Of Conduct



  1. Do get autographs from the athletes. Before the race when they’re staging is a great time, or after the race has ended. If you know who they are and can call the athletes by thier correct name, extra credit! Otherwise something along the lines of “I love what you do out there and thanks for the entertainment” works just fine.
  2. Do offer hand-ups.
  3. Do offer cool downs on a hot day. *Look for an eye contact confirmation if you can. 
  4. Do spend a little cash and get yourself into the VIP section. Bike races are a great place to do some light ballering.


  1. Don’t lean over the barricades.
  2. Don’t hang jackets over the barricades.
  3. Don’t hold signs-up in front of the Peloton as it passes.
  4. Don’t lean into the course, or walk out into the course, to take a selfie with the race as it approaches.
  5. Don’t let your camera strap flap around or hang over the barricade.
  6. Don’t forget to look both ways several hundred times before crossing the course. Also if you can cross where there are volunteers present to assist you. They know stuff.
  7. Don’t underestimate how fast they come past, how close to the edge they are, and how dangerous it is in there.

How do you support your favorite rider?

Fan Art

The Highest Expression of Fandom

A brief list of Fan Art Inspiration, Types, Ideas and Prompts:

  1. T-shirts
  2. Flags
  3. Scarves
  4. Chalk Art
  5. Painted Vehicles
  6. Wearing Too Many Hats
  7. Signs
  1. Fan Club Memorabilia
  2. Stuffed Animals
  3. Dare Wear
  4. Giant Cutout Heads
  5. Rider Cards
  6. Rock Band Posters
  7. Fantasy Track Racing League


Fans crossing the course too close to the race is no bueno, but I love a good cheering section.

Skyler Schneider

The larger the crowd the better! If I end up in a yard party or VIP tent post race I’m happy.

Davey Dawson

Hecklers on a Onewheel are probably my favorite.

Adam Schepps

The best is when people recognize me and ask for pictures!

John Jarris


Kimberly Lucie

I love when kids ask for bottles.

Sam Rosenholtz

Dave Towle Isms

Dave Towle Bingo

Dave Towel, the voice of American Crits and by far the greatest Cycling Race Annoucer to ever live, is an icon and his colorful, bomabastic, hyperbolic desciptions are a cirt racing institution such that we made this bingo-inspired catalog of crit expressions.

Cocktail napkins with outboard motors bolted on
We’re ready for take off. Fans, help me blast these riders off into space.
VIP Tent Mention
Dave obviously needs a glass of water
Winner Interview
Call to staging
Guesses a riders name wrong
Free Lap
It’s illegal to spank your kids the way he spanked that sprint.
Jail Break
Crash on course
Hurricane of pain
Rider Interview
Breakaway in the race
One more lap like that and we’ll need the national guard
Organizer Interview

  1. Sun screen
  2. Folding Chair
  3. Towell
  4. Radio
  5. Snacks
  6. Alcohol (no glass, please)
  7. Cash
  8. Remember where your car is. Don’t lock your keys in your car ;).
  9. Good walking shoes.
  10. Chapstick
  11. Bring Friends or lovers or dogs or kids or neighbors

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